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Have you ever wondered why some athletes are succesful and others aren’t?

Being mentally strong and believing in yourself is essential to perform well. But sometimes you’re stuck, the drive is just not there and you don’t feel your power. Doubts then quickly emerge and you lose the overview and the focus. The flow disappears. The pressure from the outside and the feeling of responsibility are getting bigger and bigger. The pressure of performance increases. The fear of losing, failing or getting injured is real. The financial uncertainty is present…

You can be confronted with many challenges as an athlete. The pressure can be so enormous that at times it is difficult to deliver the desired top performance and meet the expectations (of yourself, your fans, your team or your sponsors). And then there is still your private life. There as well, a certain pressure can result in uncertainty or loss of concentration. Therefore you might not always have your emotions under control, both before and during the game.

We make the difference by obtaining and maintaining stability under any circumstances. To reach that goal we have developed a unique model; the FACTS model.

We fight for every ball, every meter, every second. The opponent is often just as trained, just as strong, just as fast.
What opportunities are out there for you to become unbeatable?

To achieve this, you need to work hard. You have to push your boundaries, which often cause sacrifices to be inevitable. Nothing is too much to achieve the highest level. The body is trained to the limit. Physical trainers are a must if you want to reach the top and stay there. Only the best nutritional advice is good enough. A top athlete is surrounded by the best people, who are all specialists in their own field. This is a necessity if you want to be and remain a winner in a ruthless competition that top sport is.

We fight for every ball, every meter, every second. The opponent is often just as trained, just as strong, just as fast. What then determines who wins?

The difference between a winner and a loser, between gold or silver, is often in your head. The mental battle is an invisible but necessary struggle that ultimately makes the difference. A strong mental balance is just what an athlete needs to win.

The experienced mental coaches of Peak Performance Europe are up-to-date with the research on the functioning of the brain and apply different scientific techniques. We work on the physical, mental and emotional flow, commitment and visualization, maintaining focus, learning mental strategies and much more, so that you as a top athlete are much stronger on a mental level than your competitor.

Choose the excellent performance

At Peak Performance Europe we have the vision and drive to support athletes to achieve the mental fitness and focus needed to perform optimally in all conditions. Creating balance and the perfect symbiosis between physical performance and mental flow is crucial to really get into the “zone” and stay there, no matter what happens or how the opportunities may change. So that the athlete can easily maintain control and overview under all circumstances.


Milan Somers and Guy Bracke have more than 20 years of experience in helping people achieve their goals. We are both mental coaches and experts in our field. The support we offer is of a broad nature and through the expertise we gained over the years, we manage to achieve good results every time. Hundreds of people have already experienced the power of their passion and are looking back with satisfaction on the progressive programs we have offered them.

This experience ultimately led to a collaboration and the establishment of Peak Performance Europe. Here we can use our years of knowledge and various scientifically based techniques in coaching top athletes to bring them to a higher mental level so that they can always deliver their ultimate peak performance.

Guy Bracke

Ever since his youth, Guy has developed an interest in understanding the functioning of the human brain and the possibilities it offers to transform inner processes of change quickly and permanently. After attending various national and international professional training courses over the years, Guy now runs a very successful mental coaching and hypnotherapy company in Belgium. Guy is an experienced, enthusiastic, inspiring and motivating coach / trainer / hypnotherapist. Always looking for the next level of personal growth, so he can always share his knowledge and experiences with you.

Thanks to his experience and expertise, Guy is able to tackle the core of the problem very quickly. His goal is to teach athletes how to be more confident, focus better, stay composed under pressure, practice more efficiently, develop more effective routines, … Guy is specialized in one-on-one coaching and coaching of top athletes. This means that you are always in professional hands with Guy. He will take any athlete’s Mental Strength Training up to the highest possible level.

Milan SOmers

Milan Somers allows people to shift their boundaries rigorously and irreversibly. What it means to push back frontiers, he has not only experienced when he took on his own restrictive ideas at a young age, but also as an active athlete at a high international level and as a professional cross-border manager in the world of sport. Based on his experience with sports, Milan has specialized in one-on-one coaching and coaching of top athletes. To put them in their power in such a way that they can achieve top performances time and time again.

Milan supports athletes from different disciplines. One of the top athletes that Milan supported last year is former world champion pole vaulting jumper Rens Blom. Milan teaches him and other athletes to perform better by mentally guiding them. By letting them not only train their bodies but also their minds. Milan supports these athletes to get the most out of themselves and is praised for his quick results and no nonsense approach.

Reaching your Personal Peak Performance in just 5 steps

Our FACTS model is based on five pillars that each concern an essential part of the mental health of a top athlete:

Give us your mind and we’ll make you a winner!

We start with an extensive assessment and we check what the problems are. To do this we have developed our own unique method. Then we discuss what the most effective plan of approach is and we create an individual and extensive roadmap, custom made for you.

A few subjects you can expect here are:

  • Flow
  • Trance
  • Empowerment strategy
  • Explosivity
  • Dare and courage
  • Balance between body and mind
  • Surrendering to the moment
  • Disabling pain and discomfort
  • Shifting quickly
  • Controlling emotions and fears
  • The winner’s mentality
  • Visualizing the outcome
  • Maintaining focus
  • Rituals
  • How to keep the overview
  • Charisma / appearance and communication techniques
  • Switch on automatisms
  • On the edge and beyond
  • Situational awareness / feeling / fingerspitzengefühl
  • Goal realization both before and during the competition
For whom is this program made?

At Peak Performance Europe we mainly focus on top athletes from the age of 18 in the following disciplines: racing (both car and bicycle), racket and ball sports, swimming, gymnastics, martial arts and many more.
We also work together with trainers and the entourage of the individual athlete or team. In doing so, we work out a complete process and consult the trainer and / or other supervisors, to bring both an individual athlete and a team to a higher level.
At Peak Performance Europe we are always at your service. Wherever you need us, both at home and abroad. While training, before or during the race; you tell us. We created various options to support you.

How do we do this?

We have three different programs that will help you each in a different way to achieve your goal.

  • Assessment
  • 1/1 support (office)
  • Assessment
  • 1/1 support (office)
  • 1/1 support (inland)
  • Assessment
  • 1/1 support (office)
  • 1/1 support (inland)
  • 1/1 support (abroad)
  • Team support

Peak Performance Europe

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